Financial Assistance

Since 1976, the Foundation for Advancement of Christian Education (FACE) has served as St. John’s Academy’s endowment fund.  FACE’s sole purpose it to provide for the financial security of St. John’s Academy’s by providing annual payments to the Academy.  These payments are used for student tuition assistance, school room supplies, computers and other items.  The FACE Board of Directors’ goal is to ensure that every area child has the opportunity to receive a Catholic Christian education.   To that end, tuition assistance grants are available to all St. John Academy students.

FACE donors may establish a “named” fund whereby each year a portion of the funds given to the Academy are designated in the name and for the use that the donor designates.

In almost 40 years, FACE has provided over $1.5 million to the Academy and filled almost 1,500 desks at the Academy.

Please see our website:  www.facelegacy.org for more information.