Facility Rental

Policy #2024

Use of Facility

Outside organizations are allowed to use the school facility with permission from Administration provided that the following conditions are met with the understanding that school activities have priority.

$25/hour payable to St. John's Academy at the time of reservation.

St. James Basilica of Jamestown Insurance Certificate Requirements for Facility Users:

All organizations requesting the use of the facilities owned and operated by St. James Basilica, including St. John’s Academy, must provide the following, prior to their scheduled event:

1) A signed Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement 

2) A Certificate of Liability Insurance from your insurance company. This certificate must name St. James Basilica and the Diocese of Fargo as “Additional Insured”. Simply naming us a certificate holder is not sufficient. Again, the insurance certificate furnished to us by your insurance company must state in writing that both St. James Basilica and the Diocese of Fargo are named as an additional insured.

3) You may wish to send a copy of this document to your insurance company in order to avoid any confusion on their part.

4) Failure to provide a certificate of insurance with the proper wording and a completed “Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement” will result in cancellation of your event.



Adult Hold/Harmless Indemnity Agreement (All Adults): Ideally, individuals utilizing parish premises for activities that are neither parish sponsored nor affiliated, should be providing the parish with a certificate of insurance naming the parish and the Arch/Diocese as an additional insured. However, in certain instances when groups or individuals do not have insurance, the Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement can be used. The Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement has not been designed to be a replacement for insurance but has been developed only for certain situations. Specifically, the Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement must be utilized for the following situations that are often encountered by parishes: ie: Adult Athletic Participation, Craft Fairs, Other Small Groups, etc.