SJA Alumni Artists

My name is Hunter Braunberger. I am a 2009 St. John's Academy graduate. I am currently a freshman at the University of Jamestown studying business administration with a concentration in marketing.

I have been involved in the arts my whole life. I first started drawing around the age of three. The one person who has influenced me the most to hold an arts and faith-based life would be my grandmother, Judy Braunberger. She started me off drawing with only a pencil and paper. She did not allow me to use coloring books because she felt as though they hinder the imagination by already having an idea printed on the page. She wanted me to create my own ideas.

Throughout my whole life, I have went through many different "phases." From dinosaurs, to sharks, tornadoes, the Titanic, WWII, and even more. Whatever phase I was in at the time, that would be all I drew. One of the most challenging things I ever attempted to draw was the Titanic. Being the perfectionist I am, I would study the architecture of the ship, so I could draw it exactly as it was. It took many years for me to be able to draw the complex ship from memory. But once I got it down, it was all I would draw. After about 13 years of drawing, I took my first art class as a sophomore at Jamestown High School. I was given an assignment to paint whatever I wanted. Almost as second nature, I decided to paint the Titanic. This was my fourth and last painting I have done.



Hi my name is Kayla Redlin Larson and I am a 1998(6th) SJA alumni.  Growing up, I always enjoyed being creative and would do any craft project I could get my hands on and this still holds true today. My favorite form of creativity is painting and I enjoy making artwork for around my house and as gifts, including a painting for the HOPE dinner auction. My passion for creativity and design led me to pursue a Graphic Communications Degree from MSUM. With this degree I help market companies by designing logos, brochures, websites and other advertising pieces. It's fun to be able to put my creativity to work every day in my career and use that creativity to help companies grow.



Nick Tews is a 1997 St. John’s Academy alumni.

Nick grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota where he graduated high school and earned his Bachelor's of Arts and Spanish. After his time at the University of Jamestown, Nick moved to Minneapolis to pursue his Master's of Fine Arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After graduating with his MFA, Nick spent two years working in the world of advertising, while at the same time teaching courses at Globe University. Nick soon realized his passions rested more strongly in education than advertising and made it his goal to receive his teaching license in K-12 visual arts. Upon receiving his teaching license, Nick now works at a charter school in St. Paul teaching K-12 arts. In addition, to teaching elementary and secondary level students, Nick still teaches at the college level and enjoys exploring new projects with different students at the Bloomington Art Center during his summer months. 

Nick has showcased his art at the Aloft and Le Méridien Hotels, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Atrium Gallery of the Bloomington Art Center, and group art shows at the Barnes & Thornburg Law Firm. Nick's preferred media to work with fluctuates between traditional drawing, pen and ink, and painting. 




Hi my name is Kara Fix and I am a 2007 (6th) St. John’s Academy alumni.  I have been attending North Dakota State University for 3 years studying art and international studies.  In the art program I have taken classes in painting, photography, drawing, ceramics, tow dimensional design, and print making.  In my years at NDSU I have also been a member of the University Chamber Singers.  Music and art are a huge part of my life and I am blessed to have them be a part of my life every day.