Principal / Vice Principal

Jeff Trumbauer • Principal • 701-252-3397 •

Greetings St. John's Academy Families and Friends! 

As principal of St. John's Academy, I have the great pleasure of working side-by-side with an impressive group of teachers and staff members who are focused on providing a quality education that is rooted in faith to the students who attend our school. The Academy's staff values their purpose as Catholic school educators and strive to make an impact on their students that will last a lifetime. 

Equally rewarding has been the opportunity to witness the impact that an education at St. John's Academy has on our students. Day by day, I can see the growth and maturity as they develop academically and grow in virtue. In partnership with our families, the students of St. John's Academy move on to future endeavors fully prepared to be successful students and servant leaders. 

As a school community we rejoice in the opportunities provided to celebrate and share our faith in Christ as we strengthen and encourage each other to carry out the mission of the Gospel. It is an amazing blessing to be at St. John's Academy and to be part of a team that is committed to ensuring that the experience is imactful for each of our students. 

Marlys Fix • Vice Principal & Technology Director • 701-252-3397 •

I am truly honored to be the Vice Principal and Technology Director at St. John’s Academy. I joined the St. John’s Academy family many years ago as a second grade teacher. I absolutely LOVED every year in second grade and am thankful I had the privilege to work with so many young children. Another area I am VERY passionate about is technology. Currently, I have the opportunity to serve in a position which allows me to work with children, focus on technology, and share my faith on a daily basis, while being surrounded by great co-workers. How great is that?!?! I am excited to share my vision that technology is essential in guiding our students toward educational excellence. I look forward to working with all students, staff, parents and community to make St. John’s Academy the best it can be. Thank you for visiting our website.